Hermès // Le MANifeste d’Hermès

INT. West Loop, Evening

A group of artists, models, designers, technicians, foodies, stylists and creative directors are busy prepping a warehouse space for an event. The air is buzzing as people move about making last minute adjustments. An invite only secret event is about to take place. Hermés is about to launch their new men's line in Chicago. A first for the luxury brand. Our fig media team is busy scouting the location, prepping their shot lists and preparing to cover the event. The vibe: create a film and photography that expresses the vibe of the event. It's not about who is there it is about how it FEELS to be there. Our team readies their lenses and begins. 


PHOTO Brian Carey + James Gustin | FILMMelissa Fox + Elle Teres + Bridget Reidy 


CLIENTS | Lindsay Molin; Special Events Coordinator + Julie Vigneulle + Mark Recker