Holy Trinity High School // Guardians of Hope Gala

Director + Cinematographer + Editor |       Melissa fox music for “open”danosongs.com - shine gold light


This is our third year creating a film for the Guardians of Hope Gala for Holy Trinity High School. We could not be more proud to be a part of their loving and philanthropic community.


Our team spent time interviewing Mike Kelly's community, family and students. We were very inspired by what we learned. We keep things simple with the production, spending a day at Holy Trinity gathering interviews and footage. This year we focused on the building as a character. Mike Kelly and his company, Kelly Construction made huge contributions to updating the classrooms, labs and counseling centers. 

Thank you for your creative genius and for always “hitting the mark” on our video. As you can see, the video is an important part of the evening and you have always captured the spirit that our school is about.
— Timpthy Bopp, Principal at Holy Trinity High School


This year the event broke previous attendance records that was holding steady at 510 for the last six years by crossing the 600 person mark. The event highlights a community member that has contributed greatly to Holy Trinity and upholds its values of service. Mike Kelly inspired everyone at the dinner and received a standing ovation at the completion of our film. Afterward the paddle raise for the school exceeded its goals. In 2014 they raised $125,000.00, this year they raised over $225,000.00! We were delighted to have helped to create the giving environment and look forward to creating more next year.

Thank you again for all the great work you did on this video. People really loved it – it received a standing ovation! I watched Jeff all through the video and there was a lot of positive head nodding. Someone at his table said he was getting choked up. It really was a fantastic video!
— Event Coordinator, Geoffrey Pan

Previous Galas have raised: $560,000

  • In 2013, for the first time in the events history our film created a standing ovation experience for the honoree.
  • The following year Holy Trinity High School booked our team again to create a new film, this time called: Open.
  • The school honored Josh Hale, executive director of Big Sholders Fund.
  • To mix it up our team took a new approach to messaging and involved the students more. This film also received a standing ovation.