Air France

Producer + Director | Joseph Martinez | Writing | Joseph Martinez + Bashir Said  


The commercial team at fig put their creative brainpower together to create a compelling piece for the online marketing team at Air France.  The assignment was to create a story that involved the following elements: dreaming, traveling, and inspiring. 


After developing three different scripts, Joseph Martinez and Bashir Said put together a compelling story about a pair of singles who meet each other while flying home from Europe.  Shot in Chicago and Rockford, the final piece gives a fun and energetic depiction of singles in Europe who finally find connection in the cabin of an Air France airplane. Joseph Martinez used his connections to a friend who is a pilot. He discovered that the airport in Rockford is closed on Tuesday and Thursday. After a site visit to speak with the team at the airport. They opened their doors to our production team and even escorted us onto a plane for filming. We can not thank them enough for their hospitality. A few stock footage shots and creative shooting in Chicago later we had our commercial. 


Our team submitted the film via Zoopa. The film won 5th place and the piece debuted on social media accounts for Air France. Since then it has gotten the most recognition for the budget versus production quality. The film is over 10,000 views on youtube and continues to make gains.