This is our second year documenting the Unleashed WD conference for Dirk Beveridge. This year our fig films team wanted to ditch the “sizzle reel,” for an engaged brand film that cuts right to the heart of what Unleashed is all about.


We spent our time highlighting the heroes of the community both on film and through portrait photography with our fig photo team. Rather than document the event with the sole purpose of creating a highlight later, we crafted a brand film and sought to create it within the environment.

Your combined work is absolutely AWESOME! I have to tell you I’m inspired seeing what has been created! Your work will go a long way in helping us lead the movement of change, innovation and transformation throughout wholesale distribution while also developing a passion based community/tribe.
— Dirk Beveridge


The client LOVED the new direction and we have been invited back to film for 2015. After seeing a first cut of the film our client purchased extra cuts of the footage and continue to use their photography and Film to promote the event. The design and branding we used for our media became the Unleash brand standards and our client redesigned the website to match our media.


Photography | Eric Rademacher | Assistant | Andrea Schuemacher