Lighting Tech: Brian Carey


The Graphic Shop and fig media teamed up to deliver unique photo content for their high touch client Chervon, a big tool manufacture and design facilitly located in Naperville, IL. Prototypes were shot in a variety of applications with hands on tool supervisors and safety specialists to ensure we had the right angles and the right applications displayed.

Kevin from TGS problem solved application shots and worked tirelessly to create sets which we lit and shot with talent in assorted how to and install projects. From lighting sparks to showing laser beam guide functions of these unique products, James and Brian from fig media lit and photographed multiple angles in this unique whilst, Michele ran the shot sequence and ensured approval for multiple actions as we jammed the day full of media production and left the client happy with the content quality and quantity.

The Graphic Shop team: Kevin Fischer

The Chervon Team: Deanna Gaughan, Katie Stahman, Joy Wei, Patrick Platteuw, Craig Hanba