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evergreen [ev-er-green]  
Retaining its relevance, popularity, usefulness, etc.; enduring.

Our clients come to us knowing that they need “video.” And we say “video,” with quotation fingers in the air. Yes, technically what we create is video. Technically we are a video production company. But this is where we differentiate ourselves. We are filmmakers. We tell stories. Our process engages the principles and mastery of the best filmmakers. It just happens that our medium is digital video. Your mission is so much more than a “video” or hiring a “videographer.” You want something that reflects heart and soul. A living, breathing, compelling, tear-jerking, knee slapping funny, stand-up and take action tool that inspires and informs others with every view. We want to create media that is evergreen. That lasts. That’s why you want to create a film. 


Use your people. Our philosophy is that using your people not only celebrates your culture but allows your films to feel authentic. We will work with you to create the best images possible pulled from your talent pool.  

Use the big toys but only if you need them. We love playing with drones, steadycams, big cameras, lights, large crews and shots that require us to “cue the chopper,” but let's get real. Do you need that? We will select the best techniques to work with and educate you on the costs of using them. 

Integrate us into your process. Include us in your team, help our creatives immerse themselves into your culture. Keep us updated on branding changes, marketing initiatives and shifts in your culture. This allows us to stay current with your company lingo and brand.  

Consider the social-emotional content. Feelings connect us to each other and to our world. Even in a corporate setting, considering the social-emotional impact of your audience is key to creating something they can connect with.

Virgin Hotels. UnleashedWD. Erie House. Shred415. Bonnie and Tracy. Marianos. Chicago Social Magazine. SPLASH Magazine. Michigan Avenue Magazine. Glossed and Found. Dwayne Wade Foundation. Unleash WD. The Almanac Mag. The Peninsula Chicago. Jango SMTP. Mario Tricocci. Lester Lampert. Taylor Johnson. The University Club. Dyson. Veuve Clicquot. Moet Hennesy. International Truck and Engine. Starwood Hotels. The Resort at Paws Up. Rock for Kids. Center for Conflict Resolution. Circesteem. Aids Foundation. Chicago Committee. Holy Trinity High School. St. Clement. Center for Economic Progress. Alternatives. BUILD Chicago. GNMAA. Teach for America. Chicago Yacht Club. Ruth Rothstien Core Center. Ardbeg. Astellas. Interlake Mecalux.




Are storytellers. Our philosophy is that good storytelling is the best way to reach an audience. People buy from people they like. Whether they are buying into a philosophy or buying an actual product. Our artists use their talents, social intelligence and creativity to tell stories that serve whatever purpose you can dream up. 

Collaborate well with others. Filmmaking is a collaborative sport. We know the value of working with personalities within the world of filmmaking and those outside of it. We value relationship and engagement to create and our 25+ years in the business have taught us about the importance of collaboration. If you are an agency looking to book talent, we can provide seasoned professionals that will know how to seamlessly integrate themselves into your production.

Scale up and down. We are a full service production house with the ability to scale up to scale down based on your budget and goals. Our film and photo teams can work in tandem seamlessly to create a consistent look across your media platforms. 

Guide you through the process. When you commission a film we guide you through the process from beginning to end. Our team will discuss your goals and present options for achieving them based on our experience and our experience within our industry. 

Exceed expectations. We start with your goals, then using our experience and expertise, we present to you a pathway on how a film will help you achieve your vision. We know our methodology works when our clients return year after year to create new work.  




Featured: Sergeant Shriver Nation Center on Poverty Law. 

Our team had the privilege of interviewing Maria Shriver and Tim Shriver for an upcoming project celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Sergeant Shriver Nation Center on Poverty Law. As they celebrate their work, it is now more important than ever. 

Your work is beautiful and inspiring.
— Maria Shriver, Shriver Media / Sergeant Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

Featured: Lester Lampert

Absolutely one of the best videos I have seen! You could not have done anything differently. Filled w emotion, beauty, and passion. The store looks stunning and wow to have all those employees 30 years says a lot. Your family is one of a kind. “ Total gems,” since day I met all of you. Walking into your store is one of the most special experiences - the jewelry you design is hands down like no other. Congrats on all your success Lamperts!
— One of 66 Facebook Comments after client posted the video to his personal page.
OMG, I AM IN TEARS. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for telling our story so beautifully.
— Bonnie and Tracy, SHRED415 - Over 150K views on youtube.
Our client loves the response the films are getting! Can we book a few cuts for instagram?”
— Megan Abbott, Momentum Marketing - over 800,00 youtube views
The video is profound and moving. Absolutely perfect. There won’t be a dry eye in the house. Thanks so much!!
— Kirstin Chernowski, MPS Executive Director at Erie Neighborhood House - Over 100K raised after film screened.


Creative Development
Screen Writing
Storyboard Development
Location Scouting
Project Management  

Events / Live Events
Web Commercials
Brand Films
HR Orientation
Social Media

Social Events
Media / Sizzle Reels
Speaking Presentations
Event Highlight Films 

Color Grading
Audio Mastering
Music Licensing Research



We have a process for each of our capabilities outlined above. They all start with our basic process outlined below.  

We start every project with a creative brief, thoughtful research and a few blue sky meetings where we toss around ideas with your team. This process is not only fun, it focuses our mission and saves you money. 

Our team takes everything we worked on in development and scripts your project from beginning to end. Every script is different based on your creative needs. This allows you to see your project on paper before your production dollars are spent and gives your team a chance to have input on your final product. We assemble mood-boards, storyboards and inspirational visuals. For live events or event filming, we work on a creative document and timeline to help focus our team creatively. Once you have signed off on your creative, our team assigns the strongest director for your project. 

Action! We bring our script to life with a team that fits both your needs and the creative goals outlined in our script. 

All our films and videos are processed with in-house editors that are trained in our process. Editors are expected to present work to our creative teams on a weekly basis for feedback. By the time you get our project, our team has tested and screened the film several times to present you an informed edit. Your team gives us notes directly on the videos for real-time feedback and we adjust till you are so excited with your project, you can’t wait to share. 




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