Corporate DJ



Rock it. And hard.

We love a great party. Better yet, we've been throwing them for a long time. Our talented team of music lovers and event pros consult with you to ensure you have a timely, well-run, wonderful celebration. Hosting your event comes naturally as well, as we will facilitate your evening in a crisp, sensible, non-embarrassing manner. Note: We have separate hosting packages available.

Curate the right vibe.

We fit into any event and any situation, from the hippest company party to the simplest of cocktail gatherings—and everything in between. Don't expect dancing? Want something different? No problem. Meet with us and tell us your vision. We will design the soundtrack. And how.

Make you look good. And sound better.

To DJ is human, and to also be sound consultants is so divine. We provide audio services for events in addition to knowing our tunes. Meet with us, and we will consult upon and design the best sound system for your event. And, if your event has an AV or audio provider, we will seamlessly work and communicate with them on our needs. Sounds good. (Yes, that was a play on words.)

Light up any screen.

Hey—music videos need love, too. Our DJ/VJ pairings are perfect for adding a cool, compelling, and artistic component to your event. We will mix media and music to create an ever-changing landscape that will get many eyes. And ears, for that matter.

Let you sing your heart out.

Journey, anyone? (Say yes.) Powered by YouTube, we bring the traveling stardom experience that is karaoke to the undiscovered talent in your crowd. Additionally, we love hosting lip sync battles for those who need to get their Jimmy Fallon on. (Internet required. Divas not included.)

Play well with others.

There’s no left-swiping here—we love working with planners, caterers, DMCs, florists, photographers, filmmakers, and vendors of all kinds. Excellence in teamwork and camaraderie is not an option or an accident for us. We’re thankful to know and connect with the best in Chicago, and you can trust that we will collaborate and facilitate your night without a hitch. (Three choruses of “Kumbaya,” please.)

Really play well with others—ESPECIALLY DJ/DRUMMER.

We rock the collaborative process with instrumentalists, from pre-arranged sets to improvisational beauty. Our team works with amazing local/national artists, including electric violinists, percussionists, and drummers. Our "best-of-both worlds" theory is the ideal answer to the live music versus recorded music debate. Did you know that we have a DJ/drummer combo available? Click here to see us in action.


We do all the above—and more. Hit the button below, and let's talk about your event.