Corporate Film



evergreen [ev-er-green]  
Retaining its relevance, popularity, usefulness, etc.; enduring.

Our clients come to us knowing that they need “video.” And we say “video,” with quotation fingers in the air. Yes, technically what we create is video. Technically we are a video production company. But this is where we differentiate ourselves. We are filmmakers. We tell stories. Our process engages the principles and mastery of the best filmmakers. It just happens that our medium is digital video. Your mission is so much more than a “video” or hiring a “videographer.” You want something that reflects heart and soul. A living, breathing, compelling, tear-jerking, knee slapping funny, stand-up and take action tool that inspires and informs others with every view. We want to create media that is evergreen. That lasts. That’s why you want to create a film. In this way we are less "videographers," with cameras and are more empowered filmmakers with a vision. 

Crew shot from the Haylie Duff Mrs. Thinsters Shoot. Film and Photo team.

Crew shot from the Haylie Duff Mrs. Thinsters Shoot. Film and Photo team.


That makes us more like a content agency then a "video guy." From filming interviews to creating promotional films, we know you need a filmmakers vision to stand out in our current digital climate. So we have devised a process that works. We think it shows in our final films. We are proud of our work and we want you to be too. 


We start every project with a creative brief, thoughtful research and a few blue sky meetings where we toss around ideas with your team. This process is not only fun, it focuses our mission and saves you money. 


Our team takes everything we worked on in development and scripts your project from beginning to end. Every script is different based on your creative needs. This allows you to see your project on paper before your production dollars are spent and gives your team a chance to have input on your final product. We assemble mood-boards, storyboards and inspirational visuals. For live events or event filming, we work on a creative document and timeline to help focus our team creatively. Once you have signed off on your creative, our team assigns the strongest director for your project. 


Action! We bring our script to life with a team that fits both your needs and the creative goals outlined in our script. We walk you through best practices and make a plan for production that fits your selected budget. 


All our films and videos are processed with in-house editors that are trained in our process. Editors are expected to present work to our creative teams on a weekly basis for feedback. By the time you get our project, our team has tested and screened the film several times to present you an informed edit. Your team gives us notes directly on the videos for real-time feedback and we adjust till you are so excited with your project, you can’t wait to share.