FIG is a CHICAGO BASED creative team of deEJAYS, FILMMAKERS AND photographers. 


Since 1994 our deejays, photographers and filmmakers are integral to celebrations and media campaigns accross the globe. fig creates relevant media, and transformative experiences for literally thousands of private clients, businesses and corporations. Our teamwork and unique collaboration evaluates our client's needs and includes our clients in our patented processes. We create media and experiences that exceed our client's expectations, and once in awhile our own. 

Our cross-trained, multi-disciplined, oh-so-hardworking, engaged team is flexible and addicted to learning. We are well traveled, we are diverse, we are engaged and we have pleasing our clients right next to reaching our ever rising benchmarks at the top of our list of company operating agreements.  We engage our clients and integrate you as part of our team and wow do we ever value teamwork! It is the magic that makes our soup delicious.  We think ahead, around and afterward toward beyond. We listen. We inspire. We deliver honest and exceptional service from beginning to next beginning. From soup to nuts as it were. 

3,000 and counting

That’s how many corporate parties we have deejayed. See our deejays. 


Our owner and operator has 30 years experience as a corporate Dj and corporate emcee. Our top tier team has no less than 11 years per team member. fig's Dj training evolved out of necessity and continues to evolve out of our desire to make each experience our best yet.  We are the eskimos in the Dj world with more words for snow/Dj than you can imagine or use. We make the distinctions to plan and strategize success at even the most intense gatherings. We specialize in bringing to gether diverse backgrounds, religious and social scenes. Our social and emotional training allows us to see people, understand people, identify vision and end game then strategize and make our parties pulse with pleasure and good will. 

Our patented process can be summed up as "plan for a war and enjoy the party".  fig's experienced Djs handle mixed corporate parties ranges from 600 person hotel parties with crowds ranging from 

(NEED BETTER NOT RACIST WAY OF SAYING THIS)  the Bandas loving bus boys,  top 40 loving admin teams, steppin' loving housekeepers, security team,  to top level managment who want the cleaned up rap hits from the 90's. 


And the many levels of social stratas and cliques in between. We accurately identify our crowd, we strategize with our clients, we look for ways to include and acknowledge everyone and plan for a successful night and past it to the good feelings and gratitude that evening inspired. Lots of attention, expense and time go into events, we make sure that the elements come together and create a night that is memorable, in a spectaculare way. 

From the demographics of our guests, the architecture of the space, to the architecture of the evening. Who is coming, where do we want them to be, how do we want them to feel and how do we strategize using our space, music and even introductions to make them feel included and part of the party. So many cool elements at our disposal when we take the time to review them and utilize them! 


From Djs at corporate events, to hair shows, kid's expos, runway emcees,  runway Djs, Djs at pop up discos, Djs for daddy daughter dances, Djs for proms, Djs for middle school dances, Djs for traveling shows, emcees, Dj drummer combinations, Dj violin, Dj saxophone, Dj trio combinations fig media corporate djs rock the process or your money back. 




2,000 and counting

... corporate films we have made for corporate events,  corporate media trainings, HR films, documented media events, safety films, corporate product films, kick-starter films, social media films, marketing initiative films. Check out our corporate films here: 

...corporate videos we have created, for corporate events, corporate media videos, HR videos, safety videos, video events, corporate product video, kick starter video, social media video and marketing video. Check out our corporate video here: 


1,500 and counting

...Photography for events, photography for corporations, photography for... we shoot straight up headshot photography, corporate portrait photography, product photography, food photography, we shoot photography for event coverage, photography for social media. 



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