Elle Ternes

Cinematographer // Film Editor 


Elle is our newest member of the Fig team. Joining us from Fayetteville, Arkansas, Elle has been captivated with visuals and the creative process of storytelling for as long as she can remember. After winning a scholarship for her screenwriting talents at the age of 15, Elle discovered her passion and was inspired to make filmmaking her life’s work.

In her seven-plus years of experience, Elle has written and produced her own award-winning short films, created promotional videos at www.elleternesmedia.com, and developed screenplays while working for top Hollywood producers Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, An Inconvenient Truth) and Ivan Reitman (The Montecito Picture Company; Up in the Air, Old School). She went on to graduate from The University of Kansas with a degree in Film & Media Studies and Journalism.

A fan of non-fiction and documentaries, Elle hopes to impact those around her with her work, be it business-focused content or a non-profit’s call to action. With any goal in mind, Elle will work diligently and thoughtfully to make your vision come to life. At Fig, she has worked as a Director of Photography and Film Editor for several high-profile events and businesses, as well as managed our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook).

A new resident of Chicago, Elle loves exploring, Mexican food, traveling, taking pictures, and trying to convince herself that she enjoys running.

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