Ian Goldsmith approaches DJing from the perspective of an entertainer with the knowledge that DJing is about much more than just playing music; it is about the audience experience, unity, and fun!

A Unique Start
Ian’s DJ career started in college at the University of Northern Iowa. He and his friends hosted a bi-annual dance party, reaching crowds of upwards of 700 students! He also co-created and produced “The Interlude Dance”—a choreographed group-dance that became an internationally-viral internet craze. The dance has been performed around the globe with video evidence nearly 1,000 recordings garnering over one million views online. Ian has travelled to schools and large-scale events as a guest speaker and to teach the dance, including a “Let’s Move” event with former First Lady Michelle Obama for 13,000 students.

“Ian has great taste in music.” - Lots of people
Ian’s high school friends enjoyed (or endured) hours of listening to his meticulously-crafted mixed CDs. Since high school, his interest and knowledge in music has only continued to expand, going so far as to maintain a list of his “200 Greatest Songs of All Time.”  His speciality is classic rock, spanning everything from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin to AC/DC. But don’t worry, he loves more than just songs from past decades—he keeps a firm grasp on current Top 40 hits. Additionally, his favorite genres are hip-hop (all kinds), electropop, EDM, indie rock, progressive rock, classical, jazz, and Disney showtunes.

Ian the Entertainer
Outside of Fig life, Ian is an actor, comedian and filmmaker. He performs regularly throughout Chicago, in theaters such as Second City, iO Theater, Comedysportz, Under the Gun, and The Annoyance. With a background in film production, he hosted and produced his own show on a public TV station in Iowa. Furthermore, he writes and produces short films, as well as conducts workshops and keynotes about improv principles applied to the workplace. No matter the medium, Ian is always looking for a way to create and thrive in front of and feed off of a crowd.

Putting it all together
Ian’s reputation for throwing great dance parties, knowing how to work a crowd, and having objectively great taste in music (because it’s objective, yes?) has naturally translated into a DJ career. He has consistently DJed weddings and events since 2012, and has been a proud member of the Fig family since 2015. As the DJ that won’t hesitate to air-guitar with the mother of the bride (true story), Ian loves helping people come out of themselves to join a fun and communal experience!


"Ian was a delight to work with. He took care of all set-up and take-down and was both thorough and congenial. He played the songs I requested and was even willing to take last-minute requests.  We loved the song circle he suggested at the end -- it was especially perfect since he used the song "Sweet Caroline" and my godchild, who attended the party, was named for that song. What serendipity! It was especially fun when he joined us for the couple songs. I would highly recommend him to others and, if I ever had another occasion for a DJ, I would certainly request him."
– Carol O.