Fig Media has internships available for filmmaking, DJ/audio, and photography. We accept students for credit and non-students who are looking for professional experience.

Qualified applicants will engage in a 300-hour commitment. Be ready to take on a high level of responsibility and accept feedback in a generative and creative environment. Self-motivated, goal-oriented individuals do well with our internships.


The right candidate will have the following desirable qualities:

  • Handles a high level of responsibility with professionalism.

  • Has a flexible schedule for meetings, events, and assignments.

  • Has detailed goals for the internship.

  • Tells the truth and can take in honest feedback.

  • Is a team player willing to chip in on any project.


  • Film:Shooting/editing experience and knowledge of Adobe Premier CC and HD cameras (i.e. Canon 5D Mark II/III) preferred.

  • DJ/Audio:Some experience preferred in events/audio setup, and equipment.

  • Photography:Must have experience with event/wedding photography and editing, and be familiar with DSLR cameras, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

Intern candidates must own a computer, preferably a Mac. Driving ability and access to a car highly preferred but not mandatory.

Submission Instructions:

To apply for our internship program, please submit your resume, cover letter and five (5) career goals addressed to Codi Palm to If you are a photo/film candidate, please submit links to your portfolio or demo reel as well. In the subject line, please input: "(Which specific)Internship Application." You may call to confirm receipt of your application; Fig will contact you via email or phone to set up an interview or thank you for your submission.


Please contact Codi Palm at should you have any questions about the internship program. We look forward to hearing from you!



I wanted to send you an email to express my gratitude for my time at Fig Media. I have learned and experienced many things I wouldn’t have been exposed to if it weren’t for Fig. From the start I felt trusted and apart of the team, which is a unique dynamic that is often lost at other companies. I will take what I’ve learned, hold it close, and use it as a tool as I move forward with my career.
— Chris, fig media intern alumni 2016