James Gustin, serial entrepreneur and lifelong learner started as a DJ and then a DJ manager after college with Horizon Entertainment in Houston. James' illustrious career includes growing up in Hong Kong, London, Texas, and he is extensively traveled and has seen or lived in many parts of the world. While born in San Francision,  hes a son of the american revolution and a persian/german socialite. He rock climbed in Wales and did outward bound at 16 in Europe. His love of dirt bike racing and cultures still drive him today. He's studied geology at UofT, he was president of his pre-law society at U of H and recieved his honors thesis from UofH in Philosophy on the implications of the socratic alencus on homo-erotica (?)

When James met his future wife Michele he listened to Wagner and yodeled, his striving to win her and her music snobbery lead him to a lifelong music exploration and a drive to impress her. While she is still his muse, James' music taste breadth and depth has become his own. He spins James Brown and loves soul, funk, pop and rap and might to Michele's annoyance mix in A Few of My Favorite Things and sing it while doing so. James' love of life and the people that make life interesting are what calls him to his diversity of music and taste. He has taught media literacy to inner city school children in Houston, English as a second language at Catholic Charites, has an ear for accents and a desire to know others and connect that makes him an extrovert. He mixes what suits him and while he cares about the technology sees it as a means toward connection not as a barricade between him and the rest of the world. His huge heart is another factor he brings to the party.

James’ understanding and experience of flow and connection drive him in front of the camera or behind it, behind the decks or in front. His abiltiy and experience in all of these locations make him one of the best collaborators in any of our practices and many of his clients and friends refer to him as "coach".  His wife of 26 years thinks he's the bomb and when she is asked whether she likes him she says without hestitation not really, hes kind of an asshole, but because he's often an asshole for excellence that she loves him deeply.


"James from fig media really brings the heat to a party... his impressive musical range is second only to his talent for reading a room and knowing just what song a vibe beckons... James' positive attitude is infectious and his upbeat energy seems to always elevate the experiences we seek to create.”
Alison Victoria, Owner + Publisher of Sophisticated Living Magazine