J.R Hunter





Music and entertainment has been something that surrounded J.R from the moment he was born. If being from the musical city of Motown (Detroit) wasn’t enough, being musically inclined was equivalent to a rite of passage during his upbringing. All of the women in his family sang in the church choir, and Jared’s mother was the lead singer in the noted marching band at The University of Southern. The men in his family played musical instruments and Jared credits his Uncle, who was a trumpet and saxophone player in the metro Detroit area,  as one of his biggest influences. As an adi lesson, J.R was an active singer and saxophone player.

As J.R grew, music became vital to his everyday being and routine. He started creating and mareting mixtapes to his friends in middle and high school, and began his actual DJ career after entering college at The University of Michigan. “I really enjoyed the essence of bringing the emotion and vibe to a social setting. While the music itself is my passion, taking people through memories and a range of feelings is one of the true reasons I love performing as a DJ. And by being an open format DJ, (meaning playing all genres of music) it allows me to connect with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and ages. Making people dance, connect with one another, and creating unforgettable memories, all the while having the opportunity to push the artform and music is why I love my profession.”

J.R is currently on the roster at Fig Media, where he has been featured at events throughout the city of Chicago, at Google, @properties, and a number of private events.