A teammate since January 2005, Melissa has directed and shot a wide range projects for fig from documentaries, commercials and non-profits to large corporate brands and marketing campaigns. She earned her BFA in video and photography from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2004. Melissa delights in the idea that her work will live on for generations in the families that she serves. Her most prized possessions are her families photographs and films from the 1920s. She understands the challenges of both disciplines (film and photo) making her a valuable asset to your wedding team. Her elegant and non-obtrusive approach to making her work puts anyone in front of her lens at ease. Melissa grew up on the South side of Chicago attending a Chicago Public School  for the arts and credits this as the source for her diverse view on the issues and causes she believes in. To Melissa, everyone is interesting and deserves to have their story told. She is a 4 time Telly Award winner for directing and cinematography and won best branded film in the original iphone film festival as Best Director. As well as being featured on Style Me Pretty and Be U Weddings.


The best way to get to know me, is to watch my wedding feature film. That's right, that smiling woman above is me and I am stupidly in love with that man. You will meet my family, friends, coworkers and even my dog. My husband Aaron is a songwriter, we performed the music in this film with his band. Oh, and I made my grandmothers my flower girls! I am a huge fan of honoring the generations that came before me. They stole the show by getting into a flower fight with each other as they went down the aisle. We were delighted to use fig weddings for Deejay, Photo and Film. After shooting side by side with my team for many years, it was even more special to have them celebrate and document us. I now understand the value of hiring the right people to capture a wedding on a deep level. This is priceless. I just wish I had something like this of my grandparents!

Melissa’s filming prowess resulted in video footage that is by far our most cherished take away from this momentous day. As a film school grad, I had very particular and high hopes for the final edited version of our video—and Fig exceeded all of those. The style was very modern, which we loved. They managed to incorporate some vintage elements by shooting with old super 8 film. At the sake of sounding totally sappy, we still cry when we watch it. And we’ve watched it a lot...and so have all of our friends and family. Everyone has the same reaction. Even the most heartless skeptics we know. Every time!
— Bess and Dan


OMG!!! Watched it 5 times back to back and absolutely love it. Brought me to tears. This is amazing and I cannot thank you enough for capturing this so beautifully Melissa!
— Meghan and Marshall
Love! Love! Love! I’ve already watched the video 6 times and cried tears of joy and gratitude each time! Thank you!
— Lauren and Lee
Melissa, this was AMAZING. Ironically, we are watching fireworks over the Taj Mahal on our honeymoon as we watched this! We really, really, really loved this video, beautifully done. We both just cried! Thank you again, you did an extraordinary job on this.
— Jenny and Dave


Melissa is a fantastic photographer—I have to say, my photos belong in a magazine! :)
— Juneanne
wedding photo Chicago.jpg