Social DJ


figMEDIA is an innovative, award-winning team of artists who produce phenomenal personalized parties through great service, genuine collaboration and thoughtfully-curated music.



25 years don’t lie. Since 1993, we have crafted stellar events and dance floors through our ever-evolving systems of training, teamwork, and excellence. Our diverse team understands the complexities of the modern social event—the timeline, the moving pieces, the relationships involved, and the pressure that lies within. We walk with you through the process like a close friend to ensure planning is easy. Why? So you can enjoy your party the moment you walk into your venue. Bringing energy, class and fun to events while making you look good is what we are about, and what we care about.




  • Get to know you + put you first.

  • Listen carefully + communicate quickly.

  • Welcome your ideas + offer inspiration.

  • Execute your timeline + consult on flow.

  • Personalize + curate your ideal soundtrack.

  • Set up clean, excellent sound systems.

  • Dress appropriately to blend with your guests or theme.

  • Host and lead with brevity, warmth and friendliness.

  • Respect your venue + work beautifully with your team.

  • Feel the room + honor your requests.

  • Make you + your guests party proper.


  • Showing up late.

  • Obtrusive, excessive microphone banter.

  • Bringing attention to ourselves.

  • Gaudy lighting + tasteless props.

  • “Cheese”, unwanted songs, and pre-made playlists.

  • Shooting down your ideas.

  • Playing for ourselves.

  • Alcohol and profanity.

  • Rudeness and poor attitudes.

  • Blasting our company name.

  • Unpreparedness.


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