We are at home in groups large or small. Parties, Concerts, Fashion Shoots, Fundraisers, Promotional Events, Red Carpets, Product Launches, Event Sizzle Reels, Store Openings, Grandma's Birthday, Behind the Scenes. If it's happening, we got you covered. We make creating event videos simple and fun.  

Our client loves the response the films are getting! Can we book a few cuts for instagram?”
— Megan Abbott, Momentum Marketing. Over 800,00 youtube views




That's the number of events we have documented since 1995. We think that makes us somewhat of an expert in event video. We have a ton of samples to choose from. Our site includes our favorites at the moment. 



How we think . . .

evergreen [ev-er-green] adjective ; Retaining its relevance, popularity, usefulness, etc.; enduring.

Our clients come to us knowing that they need “video.” And we say “video,” with quotation fingers in the air. Yes, technically what we create is video. Technically we are a video production company. But this is where we differentiate ourselves. We are filmmakers. We tell stories. Our process engages the principles and mastery of the best filmmakers. It just happens that our medium is digital video. Your mission is so much more than a “video” or hiring a “videographer.” We want to create media that is evergreen. That lasts. That’s why you want to create a film. Events are a great space to tell stories.

How we are different . . .

We know the flow of an event inside and out. Our filmmakers, photographers and deejays meet weekly to review events. We knowlege share timelines, best practices and discuss how to best tackle coverage for event video.

Our filmmakers share tips, shot-lists and critique each other's work regularily. This allows you to access over 25+ years of event experience.

We know when to step in and when to step back. We pride ourselves on creating event video that feels like it is "in the party," and not at an arms distance.

We dress for your event and seemlessly blend in. This means we can blend in at an upscale formal gala and a street festival.

We include one round of review on every contract, so you get to make notes and tailor the final edit to your tastes.

We make booking extra edits easy with "digital snack," pricing.

Book Photography and Video together . . .

Our teams have been working together for over 10+ years. Book a photographer to go with your filmmaker and benifit from their shared experience. All our team shares the same project management portal, so you only need to touch base with us once and we share timelines, shot-lists and meetings across the teams, saving you time and money.

How to book us . . .

Click on the "work with us," button and fill out our contact form. One of our producers will be in touch to discuss your project.

Our Clients. . .

Chicago Gourmet. Vegan Festival. Radio Flyer. Lyric Opera. Virgin Hotels. UnleashedWD. Erie House. Shred415. Bonnie and Tracy. Marianos. Chicago Social Magazine. SPLASH Magazine. Michigan Avenue Magazine. Glossed and Found. Dwayne Wade Foundation. Unleash WD. The Almanac Mag. The Peninsula Chicago. Jango SMTP. Mario Tricocci. Lester Lampert. Taylor Johnson. The University Club. Dyson. Veuve Clicquot. Moet Hennesy. International Truck and Engine. Starwood Hotels. The Resort at Paws Up. Rock for Kids. Center for Conflict Resolution. Circesteem. Aids Foundation. Chicago Committee. Holy Trinity High School. St. Clement. Center for Economic Progress. Alternatives. BUILD Chicago. GNMAA. Teach for America. Chicago Yacht Club. Ruth Rothstien Core Center. Ardbeg. Astellas. Interlake Mecalux.



Yacht on Lake Michigan with Chicago skyline.



IPHONE FILMMAKING AT THE CHICAGO RACE TO MACKINAW WITH VEUVE CLIQUOT. This film won best-branded documentary at the original iphone film-festival in addition to best director. Melissa Fox was an early adopter and shot this event film for our client on her IPhone 4s on the Super8 app to emulate old film.