Social Film



evergreen [ev-er-green]  
Retaining its relevance, popularity, usefulness, etc.; enduring.

Our clients come to us knowing that they need “video.” And we say “video,” with quotation fingers in the air. Yes, technically what we create is video. Technically we are a video production company. But this is where we differentiate ourselves. We are filmmakers. We tell stories. Our process engages the principles and mastery of the best filmmakers. It just happens that our medium is digital video. Your mission is so much more than a “video” or hiring a “videographer.” Yes, this even applies to social events. Events are teh best place to tell rich stories! Through the art of montage, interviews and thoughtful cinema we got you covered.  

Rock and Roll, Lip Sync Barmitzvah

Rock and Roll, Lip Sync Barmitzvah

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