deEJAYS, FILMMAKERS AND photographers for your social events.


We are deejays, filmmakers, photographers, artists, travelers and philosphers. We are creatives with purpose. We see ourselves as fluid concepts. We deejay parties, make award-winning films and take exeptional photographs. We travel well, eat well and have exquisit taste. We are vision thought leaders in our communities. A large percentage of the DJ companies here in chicago spawned off of us, our training and our methodology of working. 

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That’s how many parties we have deejayed, photographed and filmed. You'll find us out and about in Chicago every night. Our team goes from high end luxury events, galas, fundraisers, festivals, magazine launches, Lollapolooza, block parties, corporate events, mitzvah's, birthday parties, surprise parties, fashion shows, dance parties ... parties, parties parties!  




Meet the "Figgies"

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SOphisticated living 

Meet Kelly Brown

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Portions of our proceeds go to : Care for Real Food Pantry, The Humane Society, The Center for Biological Diversity, Environment Illinois and Chicago Canine Society.