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We like to bring brevity to our process.

Our biggest job is getting to know you and working on creating trust. We will ask lots of good questions up-front, spend some time together and have some laughs. After that, we are pretty hands off. We know the ins and outs of a wedding. We endeavor to be both inclusive and unobtrusive. Meaning, we blend in. We adopt a "When in Rome," additude to filming. Meaning, if you are doing it, whatever it is, we dive in right next to you without interrupting what is going down. This helps give our films authenticity. We want your wedding film to feel like you. That means, no two wedding films are alike. If you want to jump on the bed and have a pillow fight, we will get that awesome show motion shot and maybe even join you. If you are more reserved and classic, we know how to cpature you in a way that will make you say "wow." We will laugh and cry with you. We even keep tissues in our camera bags, cause weddings always make us cry. 

We have seen some amazing things through our work. Families are amazing, no matter the dynamic. Weddings continually show us the best of humanity in all cultures. We use this as inspiration for our work. We guide you to make good decisions and integrate into what you have planned. We know how important this day is to you and we take that job seriously. That said, we also have a blast working with our couples. That is what keeps us going for over 20 years.  

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Our packages start at $4,000.00 and typically include 8-10 hours of coverage. We have all kinds of add on's like drones, extra filmmakers ect. All of those we will go over with you. 

  • You can book our team, we call that a "resident," package. We select a filmmaker for you and get that process moving two - three months from your date. That way, all your big decisions are made and we can best plug in. We don't reccomend meeting too early unless you are traveling.

  • You can also pick your filmmaker and book them directly. We have different pricing for this option, as our filmmakers are diverse artists with lots going on. They will hold that date exclusively for you. This means, if they get an offer to shoot a documentary in India on your wedding date, they have to turn it down. That's why the pricing is different. It repsects both us and you. Each artist has their own rates.

  • In the edit room, our team reviews work regularily. It takes a lot to put one of our films together and we do our best to get them all completed 6 months from the wedding date. We edit the films as they are shot. So if you have an April wedding, chances are you will see your film sooner than a September wedding. The seasons shift every year, so we keep in touch to let you know where we are in the process. If you book an instagram highlight, we try and get those out as soon as we can. This way you have something to share right away while you wait.

  • We have a full edit team that we train in our style. We work with them exclusivley, this helps us keep quality up.

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We typically do not offer traditional RAW files for clients unless we know you will understand how to use them properly. We record our audio and video with the professional standards of our industry. Which means that audio files and video files can be recorded separetley and each shot is it's own individual file. That can mean up to 3,000 files for you to look at and you would have to sync the audio yourself. If you have an editor in the family, we are happy to provide the footage for a fee. Most of the time, if you hand the RAW to your mom, they won't understand what to do. It's like explaining "The Facebooks," to your grandma ... we don't reccomend it. That's why we like to do the work for you with the long form. It makes a wonderful family archive and is viewable more easily. 

If you didn't catch all that, don't worry. We will make sure you understand when we meet in person. Best way to do that is to hit the button below and fill out the form.