We are filmmakers, cultural anthropoligists and documentarians. 

We study the art of capturing families, couples and cultures. 

A "dude," with the latest and greatest camera trends that will chase your guests around to recreate thier desires to be Staney Kubrick. Yes, we can do that drone shot you are dreaming of but we won't interrupt your party to get it. We won't make you do weird things ... unless you want to. We won't pump your wedding film full of bad music, in fact, most of our films are mixed soley with the natrual audio captured on the day. We feel that beautifully mixed natural audio is timeless. That doesn't mean we are super serious though. We adapt our style to fit your tastes. So if you have a sense humor, have an idea or want something edgy or different, we are excited to collaboarate with you. In fact, we'd like you to think of us as your filmmaking collaborators. When else do you get to hire a film crew to make a movie about you! 



Who we are not: 

We listen, we pay attention and we want to learn all about you, your family and the traditions that you have selected for your wedding.

We will want to know all about nana, papa or gigi.

Our style is rooted in studying traditional documentaries, art history and cultures. Whether in the city or a wedding destination far away, we approach filming weddings in this way. We gently step in and guide the process when needed but ultimatley we work to capture things as they happen. We are unobtrusive, observant and supportive. We make great suggestions and are a treasure trove of information and ideas. 

 Browse below to see a sampling of our work.







Love! Love! Love! I’ve already watched the video 6 times and cried tears of joy and gratitude each time! Thank you!
— Lauren
We are truly pleased with the final product and appreciate all of the hard work you put into this. You really captured our day perfectly. Thank you again!
— Natalie + Garrett
Thank you so much! This is absolutely beautiful - I love the music, quotes, everything. Thank you!
— Julie
Thank you for sharing the highlights film! It’s absolutely perfect - captures the day and our feelings to a ‘T!’ We had lots of cheers, laughter and tears watching it, too! I’ve personally watched it like 10 times already! We love it. Thank you SO much for all of your amazing hard work to capture our special day! Thank you again x’s 1,000!!!
— Meredith + Connor



How would you describe your style? . . .

Digital filmmaking, we reveal the story that emerges. That means all our films are different. We use and follow relationships to connect real stories about people. We shape them into compelling narrative. The story and environment dictates what camera lights and microphone we use. We don't call ourselves "wedding videographers," you'll notice on our site, we call it film. We use the principles practices of the artform in filmmaking.

How are you different from other companies? . . .

Our ability to see our clients and what makes each of them unique is our strength. We value capture and share every emotions: sadness, anger, love, hurt and fear. No two of our films are alike. We tell the stories that will compel a future audience. Meaning we think about what will be timeless, what style of filmmaking will age well. Our films reflect the our client and their families. In this way, we think of ourselves as cultural anthropoligists. We study the traditions and cultures surrounding one of humaninds most sacred tradition, the wedding. We are also super fun to work with.

Do you have any tips for getting the best wedding film? . . .

Yes we do! We have been making wedding films since 1995. We have a lot of experience. We have also seen a lot. So here goes our tips: Plan plan plan and embrace the failure.

  • Find work and team that you can laugh with.
  • Best films are collaborative and include both sides of the camera.
  • Strategize moments compelling to an audience in 25, 50 or 100 years.
  • Good filmmaking is experimental.

How much do you cost? . . .

Our collections start at $4000. They are designed so that we may create a beautiful, high value, and compelling material for the best possible film. We have strong opinions about art, music, movies and production value and we are forward with our standards. We believe that both artist and subject are 100% responsible for the final film. We guarantee that you will love our work if you trust us let us do what we do best!

How do I book you? . . .

  • Contact us after reviewing our information. One of our friendly event producers will get back to you speedily.
  • Set up a meeting with your producer to discuss your event and select your package or artist; a contract via e-mail to follow when you are ready to move forward. (We highly suggest meeting in person if you are able as we highly value relationship and face time—no, not the iPhone kind, although that's cool technology, there.)
  • Book your package and meet with your filmmaker before your wedding to plan your party. (With all the time you saved, we encourage you to take up crocheting, finally start a major binge of "Stranger Things," or take that dream vacation to Abu Dhabi you've always dreamed of. Or not.) THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO BOOK WITH US:
  • Artist Booking: You book your filmmaker directly and lock them in for your date. Each artist has availability and books rates specific to them. When you choose your artist you book their artist fees directly.
  • Resident Booking: Pick your package and we select a filmmaker that fits you best.

How far in advance do you book? . . .

We typically see bookings one year in advance, however we will entertain bookings as close to 2 weeks out from your wedding if we are availible. We reccomend booking at least 6 months out if you want to book a specific artist.

Can you travel for my destination wedding? . . .

Yes, please!


By the way, we suggest you watch all of our features with popcorn dressed with sea salt, Mexican cayenne pepper and extra extra virgin olive oil—mmm! 

We look forward to hearing from you and being the visual storytellers of your day!

There are two ways to book with us: 

Artist Booking: You book your filmmaker directly and lock them in for your date. Each artist has availability and books rates specific to them. When you choose your artist you book their artist fees directly.
Resident Booking: Pick your package and we select a filmmaker that fits you best.



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