FIG is a CHICAGO BASED creative team of deEJAYS, FILMMAKERS AND photographers, working to _________.


We are deejays, filmmakers, photographers, artists, travelers and philosphers. We are creatives with purpose. We see ourselves as fluid concepts. We deejay parties, make award-winning films and take exeptional photographs. We travel well, eat well and have exquisit taste. We are vision thought leaders in our communities. A large percentage of the DJ companies here in chicago spawned off of us, our training and our methodology of working. We were making stories about our clients when many of our current competitors were not born yet. We started making wedding films in the 90's when other companies were making very bad "wedding videos to terrible music," and some still are. (Yes, we said it. #truthbomb

So, what does fig do? We get this question a lot. 

Bottom line: We book deejays, filmmakers and photographers for a wide variety of projects and needs. Need a deejay? We got that. Need a commercial? We can make that. Need a new portrait? We got all the best angles. Want a wedding film that doesn't suck? We tell authentic stories. Have a cause you need to raise money for? We will make them whip thier checkbooks with our mission driven films. Are you a digital agency looking for fresh content? We can make that. We take commissions for a wide variety of work from Fortune 500 companies and luxury brands to weddings and bar mitzvahs. You benefit from a team of professionals at the top of their game learning their craft on a large stage, no matter how big or small your project is. We have developed a methodology for client success through years of experience, teamwork and relationship. That said, we also pride ourselves on being a blast to work with and endeavor to make our process as simple as possible. A quick chat with any of our clients will reveal our workablity, professionalism and entertaining qualities. 

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