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We are photographer, cultural anthropoligists and documentarians. We study the art of capturing families, couples and cultures. We are most proud of __________. 

Who we are not: A dude with the latest and greatest camera trends that will take up half your timeline with photography set ups so he can get into a fashion magazine.

We listen, we pay attention and we want to learn all about you, your family and the traditions that you have selected for your wedding. We want to know why they are important to you and how you want to capture them. We will want to know all about nana, papa or gigi.

Our style is rooted in studying traditional documentaries, art history and cultures. We approach filming weddings in this way. We gently step in and guide the process when needed but ultimatley we work to capture things as they happen. We are unobtrusive, observant and supportive.








I can not imagine a better experience. I had worked with James & Brian before so knew their level of passion, quality of work and fun quirkiness. Having them with us all weekend was uber comfortable.. just like they were normal guests (except a lot harder working). They captured so many precious moments that we didn’t get to see. Looking at our photos will never get old.
— Katy + Josh



Who We Are . . .

fig weddings photo team is a group of progressive urban photographers with broad styles. Each photo artist is immersed in character, complete with mannerist detail, talent and experience. Our photo team will create the ideal final product for your unique wedding day.

Our collections are designed so that we may create a beautiful, high value, and compelling material for the best possible photos. We have strong opinions about art, music, movies and production value and we are forward with our standards. We believe that both artist and subject are 100% responsible for the final portrait. We guarantee that you will love our work if you trust us, and let us do what we do best!

We are not for the lighthearted or faint of feeling. We are artists and business people. We work hard. We make mistakes, we learn, we correct. We grow! We have strong opinions about photography, art, music and what we create. We are highly collaborative, excitable and fun. We guarantee our work. You will love our work!

How To Book . . .

Our photo collections start at $4000. CONTACT US to find out more. One of our friendly event producers will get back to you speedily.

Set up a meeting with your producer to discuss your event and select your collection and fig photographer; a contract via e-mail to follow when you are ready to move forward. (We highly suggest meeting in person if you are able as we highly value relationship and face time—no, not the iPhone kind, although that's cool technology, there.)

Book your collection and meet with your photographer before your wedding to plan your party. (With all the time you saved, we encourage you to take up crocheting, finally start a major binge of "Stranger Things," or take that dream vacation to Abu Dhabi you've always dreamed of. Or not.)

We look forward to hearing from you and being the visual storytellers of your day!