Monkey Shoulder // Ultimate Bartender Challenge




The Ultimate Bar Tender Championship is a hilarious, fast paced and fun event where bartenders compete to win a golden pineapple. This was not a competition for the average drink pourer. The tasks tested the "skillz that pay the bills," is challenging ways. Contestants worked their way through seven stations, the top three results from those were then put head to head in a cocktail round. Our team was hired to create a highlight piece of the event. 


Filmed on location at The Brass Monkey 401 N Morgan St Chicago, IL, 60642, United StatesBeautiful venue for hosting a private event. Love the way it looked? Email: to host your own event. Oh, and you should totally hire us to film it too. 


Our director Melissa Fox both shot and edited the films. After booking, Melissa studied the brand, their youtube films and the existing media about the Ultimate Bartender Challenge. After meeting with Momentum and getting the lay of the land she arrived early to coordinate an interview. She focused on fast moving shots, filming through windows, glasses and reflections and keeping the humorous nature of the brand. Our client booked a single highlight edit then expanded their package to include six deliverables post event, rush delivery over 72 hours. A challenge? Yes... and we delivered it on time. 


Collectively the films have over 800,000 views on youtube. The numbers climb daily as they promote the competition. We enjoy the playful stomp beat that our director selected to edit to, the fast paced cuts and swift turn around. The films are a beautiful example of how great footage can be used in multiple ways. The competition completed it's 2015 round and still has openings in 2016. You can apply at


 Our friend and talented photographer Jill Tiongco referred our film team for this event and we could not be more grateful. Thanks Jill! Our team loves Jill's energy, collaboration and thoughtful eye. You should check out her wonderful work: This was our first time working with Momentum and we were so impressed with their team. Can't wait to work for them again! 

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