Navistar // International Truck and Engine

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Executive DirectorJames Gustin + Michele Gustin Director | Melissa Fox | Cinematography + Editing | Billy Rood + Timothy Musho + Melissa Fox | Branding + Print Design | Samata Mason | Event Production | Total Event Resources.

International Truck and Engine: Expo


For Navistar’s Expo in Orlando Florida, the fig films team worked for 8 months on media that would screen at the 2,000+ person conference. They were part developing the concept of the event: Drive.

We created a documentary series using employees at Navistar with exceptional stories on the topic: What Drives You? This 6 part series became the cornerstone of the event. The team also created an interactive opening film as well as a closing film the used surveys and 100 + interviews from attendees.

Photography and films created on this topic were used for branding the entire event. Billboards, banners, giveaway books and other branded materials were created from the footage and photography generated on these shoots.


The series created a culture of celebration and understanding. Employees were inspired by the heartfelt stories and talked about them all week at the event. The subjects of the films became rockstars and started to see themselves as valuable leaders within the organization. People talked about what they were passionate about and connected it to their work. Demonstrating our philosophy: films are the living, breathing document of your brand. This makes the team that creates them as important as your entire event team.


In addition to the impact, our team provides media that your community will want to watch over and over again. This is our goal. As filmmakers we want our work to have a long shelf life. The best way to do that is to create work that our clients are proud of. Our team can shoot photography along side any production to keep the look and feel consistent for marketing materials. Media we create can be used in a multitude of ways to accommodate the growing need for interactive social media. One shoot could create a channel of media on youtube or could be edited in multiple ways for different purposes.Event Team.