Father of the Year // American Diabetes Association

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS | JAMES GUSTIN + MICHELE GUSTIN |Director| James Gustin CINEMATOGRAPHERs | James Gustin + Eric Rademacher | PRODUCTION ASSISTANT | Rumasia Ruhman | Editors | Kevin Loiselle + Nicholas Sanchez

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The purpose of this award is to recognize men who have made family a priority while balancing demanding careers and community involvement. Every year, the council in each city conducts a nomination process to identify honorees who meet the criteria to be nominated as Father of the Year. By honoring men who are seen as leaders in the community, we are generating attention to the event that furthers the Father’s Day Council’s goal of heightening awareness of the importance of fatherhood.


Fig media is commissioned to create a heartfelt and humorous films that celebrate each father and their families that screen before they receive their award. Each year this proves to be a big undertaking with busy schedules and full families.  


Lots of laughter and tears in the audience. "I learned more about you from the films that I knew about you all along," said their friends. Our "tough" fathers were wiping tears and were grateful to be celebrated in a beautiful way.