The Peninsula Chicago Safety Film

Check into The Peninsula Chicago and you will see one of our films on the hotel circuit. We updated our old film from 2010 to reflect the updates to the hotels rooms and suites, including the new technology systems. 

This scripted production is one of our favorites to produce as attention to detail is paramount. We spent the day breaking down the shots from the script to make sure that they clearly illustrate what to do in an emergency. In our previous film, we shut down a hallway in the hotel to create "smoke," with a fog machine. This meant alerting all guests that we were filming and that the smoke wasn't real. This year we decided to tackle the "smoke," digitally. This saved the hotel valuable time and staff and sped up our production. 

The Peninsula Chicago

The Peninsula Chicago

Executive Producers | James Gustin + Andrew Ettenofer | Director | Melissa Fox | Cinematographers | Carl Weidman + Rajesh Bhagirat | Jib Operator | Chase Kubasick | Editors | Melissa Fox + Julie Idenfelt



Check into The Peninsula Chicago and you will find our work streaming on your television. fig films was hired by The Peninsula Chicago to create a piece for their meetings and events digital brochure.


The style of the film was modeled after brand films that were created by the Hong Kong team but with a quarter of the budget. We called in many favors and worked hard to accommodate our clients needs. We broke down the elements of the previously produced films and set to work making them match as closely as possible. It took cooperation between our team of filmmakers, representatives from Hong Kong and the entire staff to pull this off. The brand has strict standards about how the hotel is to appear on film and photography. This took everyone's eye to make sure we were hitting the points they needed. 


We edited this into many different section depending on the needs of their sales staff. Above is an overview cut of each scene we filmed. We love catching it on the televisions anytime we stay and work in the hotel. 

Next up we completed an update to their hotel safety film. This was a shot by shot recreation of the approved legal film from the 1990s with the updated information in the hotel. Creating fire and smoke with a simple fog machine proved more difficult then we planned for. We eventually got it right. Remember to check the door and crawl low!