The Resort at Paws Up

Executive Producer | Cinematographer  James Gustin Director | Cinematographer | Editor Melissa Martens  | Cinematographers | Billy Rood + Timothy Musho

This is an award winning campaign. 


The Resort at Paws Up flew our team out to Montana to create short branded films for their website. We visited the resort 4 times, once for every season. Our goal each time was to film the resort with the love, magic and wonder that the guests experience each time they set foot on the property. 


Our client didn't have budgets for cranes, steady cam operators and commercial lighting so we were taken with created as much commercial quality footage with the gear we had. This was before the big DSLR boom. The Canon MKii did not exist yet. This project was even shot on tape! Before the drones, before GoPro was just getting started and a glide cam was still too expensive.We used cherry pickers, hand held cart dollies and very steady hands to create these shots. The voice over is our very own Melissa Fox, who unbeknownst to her, became the official traded voice of Paws Up after she created a voice over as a place holder while the client searched for talent. They still hire her to do voice over work. 


This is a telly award winning campaign. The client is still using these films for promotional work and the footage has been seen on the Travel Channel and Good Morning America. The films have collectively received over 200K views on social media channels. The footage has been cut and recut to populate an entire youth channel. We love seeing the Resort be successful and it has been so fun to see our hard work surface on television even years after it was produced. 

Glamping (luxury camping) at The Resort at Paws Up in Montana was recently featured on "Ultimate Travel" on The Travel Channel. They used the footage we shot for the segment.