Heartland International

Executive Producer | Michele Gustin | Project Direction | Melissa Fox | Editor | Phillip Bata

Heartland International Kopru Pen-Pal Project 


This is a unique project because we did not film it. We taught students how to create a short documentary about their Pen-Pal Project. Our team put together flip camera kits, translated into different languages and sent them to our students. After a brief training we sent them off to do the work. 


Because we were collecting footage to create an edit, we had little or no control over the quality of what we received back. Our students encountered the same problems we did when we were first starting out. We spent most of our time coaching people to redo interviews and footage. Then when we were satisfied we edited them together. 


We love how candid these feel. We think it captured the spirit of the program in a way we could not. Knowing that our students created this is event better! We were delighted to learn so much about our students from overseas. "Once, a turkey bit me," is by far our favorite soundbite.