Internal Contract Form

Please fill out all data to create a contract for your client. We will copy and paste the info directly into the contract, so please have all deliverables and terms filled out. Thank you!

Client Name *
Client Name
This is the main contact and the primary person whom the contract will be addressed to.
Secondary Client Name
Secondary Client Name
Secondary client name, groom, bride, etc.
Main Phone Number *
Main Phone Number
Office or cell; 1 is the standard country code for USA; use others for international numbers.
Secondary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number
Office or cell of the secondary client; 1 is the standard country code for USA; use others for international numbers.
Only use this field for a corporate contract.
Mailing/Billing Address *
Mailing/Billing Address
This will be used for the contract and the invoice.
Please specify.
Do you need a multi-service contract?
For multi-service select which services you need this contract to cover.
If this is a multi-service contract please select all that apply.
Please indicate if this is a resident or (exclusive) artist gig, and whom the artist is. Also indicate if other persons are needed, i.e. assistant, tech, second shooter, intern, etc.
PLEASE state the explicit NAME and FULL ADDRESS (with zip code) of the venue as noted on Google—i.e. "Hilton Chicago – Michigan Ave." is different than "Hilton Chicago O'Hare Airport." If there are multiple venues, state them in full here.
Event Date *
Event Date
If there are multiple dates, please state the starting date here and note the additional event dates in the notes section at the bottom.
If unsure or unnecessary, please put "N/A."
Event Start Time *
Event Start Time
Please fill out the equipment needs and pre/production/post outline for the event, as well as any specific terms—i.e. specific film/photo delivery time, DJ to be ready by/setup time, etc.
Amount To Be Paid In Full? *
Deposit Due
Deposit Due
Please put the deposit due date here.
Balance Due
Balance Due
If "Amount To Be Paid In Full?" is "Yes," put the same date as the deposit due here. If the due date is anything other than two weeks before the event date, please advise here.
Let us know who referred the business!
Invoice Needed w/Contract? *
W-9 Needed w/Contract? *
Please put your notes from your meeting in this field.