Non-Profit Filmmaking

Create media that matters with fig films and your non-profit.

An inspiring film can both communicate your mission and help raise money for your cause. Every non-profit we have worked for has touched us with their vision for a better world. Help us live our mission by telling great stories that inspire others!

3 Time Telly Award Winners For Non-Profit Films


featured Clients 

Thanks so much for working on this film. We love it! It’s so warm and full of hope—exactly what we need right now. Utilizing Brianna’s voice was a brilliant move on your part and I think people will be enamored by both her confidence and graciousness. Thank you!
— Brian Paff, Director of Marketing and Communications Erie House
Your work is beautiful and inspiring!
— Maria Shriver, Shriver Media / Sergeant Shriver National Center on Poverty Law
These films are wonderful and tell our story beautifully. It helps to have something like this to share with our funders.
— Alejandra Valarino Boyer, Director of Community Programs Lyric Unlimited


Erie Neighborhood House. Dwayne Wade Foundation. Rock for Kids. Center for Conflict Resolution. Circesteem. Aids Foundation. Chicago Committee. Holy Trinity High School. St. Clement. Center for Economic Progress. Alternatives. BUILD Chicago. Teach for America. Ruth Rothstien Core Center. Lacoste and XE. American Heart Association. Heartland Alliance. A better Chicago. Shriver Center. American Diabetes Association. DIFFA. St. Teresa

Our clients come to us knowing that they need “video.” And we say “video,” with quotation fingers in the air. Yes, technically what we create is video. This is where we differentiate ourselves. We are filmmakers. We tell stories. We tell stories that stir our audiences souls. Our process engages the principles and mastery of the best filmmakers. It just happens that our medium is digital video. Your mission is so much more than a “video” or hiring a “videographer.” You want something that reflects the heart and soul of your mission. A living, breathing, compelling, tear-jerking, stand-up and take action tool that inspires others with every view. That’s why you want to create a film. 

We understand that the making a film is a complex nebulous animal. It can be expensive, time consuming and mistakes can be costly. We know how it feels to be standing at the precipice of a the dark forrest that is “video production,” and not know where to start. Never fear, we walk you through the dark forrest of creating a film with humor, grace and heart. We will emerge from said forest good friends with one hell of a story of how we got here and an award in hand. Our process isn’t all playtime. We back up our artistry with real business initiatives, marketing know-how and brand experience that will make everyone on your team happy.

All the while empowering you, our client, to collaborate on a film that you are proud to share. A film that demonstrates the importance of the work you do every day and helps raise money so you can keep doing that important work. After 20+ years in the industry, we have developed a process that ensures our pieces inspire others and raise money. As artists, this is our mission. When you book our team, you are helping us live our mission of telling stories that change the planet. The best part is, we get to do it together! 

Because our process teases out so many feelings, our films often become the cornerstone of marketing and branding efforts.
Bottom line, we love what we do and we know that good storytelling raises money and wins awards. 

So, Let’s get started… 


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